Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Finished Something!

Actually I finished two somethings. 

I have a box in my sewing room of 'works in progress'... WIP for short.  Kind of a nicer way of saying 'UFO'... or unfinished objects.

Every once in a while I drag something out of there and try to get it done, so I can make room for more WIPs.  Occasionally this even works!

So last Sunday afternoon, I decided to 'git 'er done', to quote Larry the Cable Guy.
The first one is tomato fabric that I just loved when I bought it (yes, I love red!).   X number of years ago I was making aprons as gifts.  I planned on making a barbecue apron for my son-in-law.  Turns out he doesn't like tomatoes, even on an apron!  Guess I should have gotten the BBQ ribs fabric.  He took one that had onions on it instead, so tomatoes went to the bottom of the pile.

The other one is a piece with ducks.  I got it off the free table at one of those ugly fabric exchanges.  I don't know what I thought I would do with it, but I have outdoorsmen in my life so I heard it calling me.  Duck call.  OK, never mind.

Buy this or other great apron patterns at  Tell Mary I sent you!

I didn't have a pattern, but I had worn enough aprons in my time to know what they should cover up, and I just took scissors to fabric and cut out appropriate shapes.  I later found this lovely pattern from Mary Mulari for a reversible apron that would have been neater and made a heavier apron, but looks very similar to my end product.

I made several aprons, but two got as far as having the seams on the strap pieces sewn, then I put the project aside.  I didn't even turn the straps right side out at the time.  When I moved (was it into or out of the condo??) the pieces went into a zipper seal plastic bag.  This became part of my WIP box.

It's so far down you can't even see it!

Sunday was THE day.  I pulled out the bag, turned on the machine, and went to work.  In under an hour I had two aprons done.  I sewed the pocket on straight on one, then after looking at Mary's pattern I slanted the other, so you can slip your hand in to grab a key or a napkin or any other small thing easily.

Done!!  Yay!!  So do you think this counts as one finish or two?

Sew on...

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