Thursday, March 14, 2013

She's Baaa-aack!!

Rita's back!  Yay!!  What?? 

My e-friend, Rita, writes a blog that I love to read (link at right in my favorite blog sites)... I go out there daily to see what's going on in her life.  I love the way she writes, she finds joy and purpose in everyday life, and she has a GREAT sense of humor.

Fact:  I love to read.  I read probably 50 books a year, magazines, newspapers, to say nothing of a gazillion emails and other messages every day.  When I have nothing to read I re-read things I have enjoyed.

So when some of the bloggers I follow take a couple of weeks off, I go into withdrawal.  In the absence of a book in my desk drawer I will catch up on my blogging friends during my work breaks.  It makes me sad when there's nothing new posted for a while.

Rita went to a sewing expo and I'm sure she was worn out when she came back.  Gosh, do I know the feeling!  But boy was I sad when after several days she STILL wasn't posting anything.  But she is back.  Today's post said many people nagged her to get back.  Good!  Dang it I need my Rita fix!!

Hope my four followers aren't saying the same thing when I don't post.  Or maybe I should hope they ARE!

Here are a few random thoughts:

Today, March 14, is National PI day.  Not pie, pi, you know, 3.14156789... that's not the right number but I forget.  Congress declared National Pi Day to be 3-14 back in 2009.  Your tax dollars at work.  Well, it's good to know they actually DO something once in a while.

Winter in Wisconsin is too darn long.  We got more snow this week.  Ugh.   DH is tired of shoveling.  I personally am tired of having to drive behind people going 12 miles per hour.

Daylight Savings Time was last weekend.  Why do they keep shoving it around to different weekends?  And this one was a bad one, I still haven't caught up on my sleep.  I slept too late on Saturday, stayed up too late on Sunday, then tried to get up too early and ended up with a migraine.

Finished my taxes!  Yeah, it's a pain.  I put it off and put it off, and finally got it done.  Except DH was not a good guy this year record-wise.  Either we didn't spend anything on maintenance on the rental unit or all the receipts were invisible.

Sewing is much more fun when the fitting element is easy.  That is why women quilt!

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day, or so I've been told.  Sunday is National Get Drunk and Throw Up In A Parking Lot Day.  My apologies to the Irish.  You guys probably can hold your green beer.  Most of the world cannot.

Sew on!

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