Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesdays in Winter

Winters in Wisconsin are very interesting, to say the least.  Here's why I was late to work on Tuesday...

Freight train, LONG and SLOW...
So, note to self:  Avoid 2nd and Plankinton at 8:08 a.m. or you'll sit for 15 minutes watching tail lights.

Then this was my ride home last night:

And here I am working from home today because it is STILL snowing.  That makes 24 hours of snow!!

So here's how it played out... so far:
  • Dec. 20 no snow, lots of rain and it's warm. 
  • Feb. 8, snowstorm with nice heavy wet snow but as far as quantity, nothing too major. 
  • Feb. 26 it's been warm on and off, nothing to write home about but there is some snow on the ground.
  • Feb. 27 we have just short of a foot of heavy wet new snow with a dusting of the light powdery stuff just for fun.
And the danged Internet connection with the apps I need for work just gave out after I entered 56 lines of data into a new project setup.  Every time I try to reconnect it says "System Not Responding".  Guess what, I'm not responding back!  Ha!  Time to shut down the machines, and update my blog.

I'm working on a new sweater for one of the grands.  It uses cables to make owls in the front.  I'll post a photo when it's blocked.

Time to shut down and think about dinner.

Sew on!

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