Monday, January 28, 2013

Many Hands Make Light Work

A couple of weekends ago my church quilting group met for our regular monthly get-together.  We normally meet for three hours or so.  We layer and pin there because we have big tables, and then divvy up the various projects and work on them at home.  I usually kit things up and cut, others sew tops, another lady does the machine quilting, and two or three people do bindings and sew on labels. 

Every month we have to sort through things because the room we have in the 'multipurpose' room is so limited.  We have big plastic tubs, bags and boxes.  We try to be organized but it's hard when you can't see what's in some of the boxes and tubs.  We tried labeling them but things change so that was kind of a bust.

Anyway, we had taken off the month of December for obvious reasons, and we had to think hard about what the plan was for 2013!  Our leader says we have enough baptismal quilts for a while and we were discussing the various charitable opportunities.

When it was time to work, we couldn't find much to be layered and we scratched our heads a little.  Hmmm, seems like we had more stuff in progress!  There were only two or three kits in their gallon sized baggies, and our show and tell was a little sparse over the holidays.

So out came the bins and boxes and low and behold, when we counted up what we had in progress we had over two dozen tops!  Three or four could use some borders, and the rest were ready to be layered and quilted!!  Wow!  We have an embarrassment of riches!

Barb's off to buy some more batting, and I've got borders to cut.  Susie is machine quilting... busy busy busy.

Sew on!

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