Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Small Projects this Month

Since returning to work from my little hospital jaunt, I've been working on some small projects.  Well, you know I posted about finishing up the baptismal gown... and I made some more 18" doll outfits for a little girl at church.

In addition to that I've been chipping away at my BIG bin of 2" strips and 2" squares.

I had the grandkids sorting out piles of squares into sets of four or sets of two or sets of five, and putting the rest of the squares back into two bins -- one with singles and one with more than on but not four or five -- we just called that one "many".

The twos were matched with light backgrounds for four-patch blocks.  The fives will go with four backgrounds into nine-patch blocks.  And the fours will either go into nine-patch blocks with five backgrounds, OR they will contribute to my new leader/ender projects of spools.

The pink and white block is four spools made with my 2 inch squares and strips.  The finished block is around nine inches in size.  The blue block at the right was made of pieces that were originally one and a half inches wide.  It is tiny.

I made that one because Bonnie Hunter was talking about her spool project and that was her size.  The finished block is like 3 inches square!  Very cute but you'd have to make like a zillion of them to make a bed-sized quilt!  Maybe I'll make a couple dozen and make that 18" doll a quilt...

Anyway, I'm making spools and putting them into one color combos of four, and eventually I think I'll have some sort of rainbow arrangement.  But I discovered that I have a LOT of blue scraps.

Hmm... maybe another blue and white--  no, no, stop me.  Everything I do lately seems to be blue and white.

 Well, it's no wonder the bin is full of blues...

Sew on!

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