Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Phone Guy's Wife Blocks

Have you been following the Barrister's Block blog and watching everyone do fabulous things with their fabrics?  I have!  There were a couple of colorways featured this week.  I loved the black and white, and the red and white and the blue and cheddar. 

Randy was looking for pictures of everyone elses blocks so I sent mine.  Within seconds, it seems, she posted my blocks on her blog!  If you want to see them, and others, go to the Barrister's Block link on the right where the blogs I follow are listed, and take a trip over there.

I recognized some of the fabrics from the black and white group...  Hey, I have a tub of B&W, why don't I just start another project???  LOL!

I have to get finished with the baptismal dress.  The baby arrived today!  Her name is Linnea Grace, and she's beautiful... lots of hair, and her proud Gramma has already sent me pictures.

Life is so good, isn't it?  New babies always make me feel that way.  No matter what else happens today, I see it as a sign that God still loves us.

Hope you have a wonderful day.  Look for pictures of the finished gown sometime within the next couple of days to a week. 

Sew on!

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