Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oh-Oh!! Unplanned Detour for October!

I just found out that the troubles I've been having with my tummy are related to the dreaded gallbladder.  I have a stone... 2.58 centimeters in size.

The treatment for that is yank the gallbladder!!  It is scheduled for October 18 at 7 in the morning.  That's OK, I'm an early riser.  It's supposed to be just day surgery, and then I get two weeks on the couch to recuperate.

It will be nice if this takes care of everything and I can go back to eating normally.  I hear lots of people have the surgery and get well very quickly.

Trivia:  Do you know what your gallbladder does?  I sure didn't!  It helps you digest foods that contain fat.  But more often than not it seems to go off on a tangent and creates stones, which gum up the works.  Did you know you can live normally without a gallbladder?  Yes, it does a job but evidently it's just a backup organ, more or less like the Supremes behind Diana Ross or the Tennessee Three behind Johnny Cash.

So mine is going the way of the girl groups... and in two weeks to lead singer will have to go her own way!

Maybe I can use some of the time to catch up on my sewing!!

Sew on...

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