Sunday, September 23, 2012

Why You Need to Focus... or At Least Why I Do!

Several months back I posted a picture of a quilt top that is in process for my DD.  It's a lovely mix of blues and browns with a center of Friendship Stars and borders of strip blocks.  It needed to be enlarged just a little so there will be about a 10" drop on their queen sized bed.

I decided to cut down the floral border and make some more stars, but smaller ones this time.  I got out the bin of fabrics I used for the top and cut a bunch of 2 1/2" squares, made a bunch of half square triangles, and kitted them up to go into production.

I put them into a plastic bin, in the order they should be sewn in.  After I made about a dozen stars I had to stop for the night, so I put the bin aside.

Fast forward two weeks.  I've got a head cold so I decided that I was too tired to work on anything that required brain power, but I figured I could finish up those borders.

Sitting down at the sewing machine, I was surprised to find the bin had been jostled!  Must have moved it around, or maybe Miss A was looking for something...

Laid things out and started sewing.  Got the last bunch sewn up and took them over to the ironing board.

Uh oh....

What should have been this:

was actually this:

So I turned them into this:

Now I am covered with tiny little bits of white thread, but they're all put back together the right way this time.

Note to self:  Mindless sewing really isn't.

Sew on!

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