Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Question of Taste, or Not??

My boss knows I sew.  He takes a rather perverse pleasure in telling people about it when I am trying to be a serious business professional, like it's a secret granny thing or something.  BUT he is not above bragging a little too, when someone compliments something I'm wearing and he knows it's something I've made.

His mother sewed garments and quilts, and he has a cousin who is a successful designer and retailer, so I know he values the talent.  And he's not above asking me to do the occasional project and paying good money to get it done, so I cut him a little slack on the teasing.

However, once in a while I question the guy's taste!

Normally he's a rather serious and dignified guy with a dry sense of humor.  But once in a while he surprises me.  He asked if I would know how to take a design someone drew and turn it into an embroidery for a shirt.  His family was having a sports tournament, himself and his sons against his brother and HIS sons, and one of the guys had designed a 'logo'. 

I use the term loosely because what was designed could hardly be used as a logo in any modern business.  It was based on the shape of a liquor bottle that had been manufactured in the 1950s, and today would be completely politically incorrect, to coin a term by Bill Maher.

Having purchased some digitizing software, I knew I could do it, but you know, I have rules... like I do not sew on ugly fabric, and I don't do anything in a shoddy manner.  If I can't do something well, I do not do it at all.  OK, yes, type A personality trait.  Guilty as charged!

So when he showed me the logo, and asked me to sew it on a dozen shirts, I had qualms.  BUT and this is a big BUT, the shirts included men's and women's versions.  Thus I must conclude that the women of the family agreed to wear said shirts.  Oh yes, I know the wife and she would not wear it if she didn't want to wear it!

So I sewed the logo onto all the shirts he brought to work, and took the payment cheerfully.  But I made him promise NEVER to tell anyone that I was the one who did the sewing!!  We laughed about it then.  He never did tell anyone in my hearing either.  He sent me a photo of the group wearing their shirts.  They all looked pretty happy.  Of course it was a group picture and the logo could not be clearly seen in the picture.

Fast forward two years.  He brought me a box of shirts this week...  oh yeah -- same logo.

Sew on!

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