Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fixing Up The House...

When we moved into our present house five years ago, I knew dogs had lived here.  The first winter when we closed up the house and turned on the furnace, I smelled them daily.  Even after shampooing the carpeting multiple times, I could still tell.
When my DH would ask what I wanted for Christmas or my birthday, new carpeting was always on the list.  He's say "That's no kind of present!"  Ha!  My nose disagreed!!

This year we got a pretty good tax refund.  Once again we discussed new carpeting for my birthday in the spring.

Finally, finally, things got moving.  We pulled all of the furniture out of the two guest bedrooms and painted walls.  And a couple of weeks later I promised to shop for carpeting.

DH started removing the old carpeting.  The house smelled better right away. 

A month passed.  Summer got really HOT.  Work was crazy, our office was moving and I was on the committee that was organizing that.  Carpeting got put on the back burner.

The week of July 4th, I finally got the urge to get something going.  Well, a month of crap piled in the garage and parking the cars in the driveway finally got to me!

I knew what I wanted... light brown good quality carpeting with a million year wear guarantee and a new carpet smell!  Not too expensive either.

Long story short -- went shopping, found the right color, got the right price, and last week Larry and Dan came over and spent two days hammering, cutting and laying pad and carpet.  Now when I dash up the stairs my feet say 'thanks, we enjoyed that'!  And when the alarm goes off and I have to roll out of bed, they say 'oh, THAT wasn't so bad, we feel NICE down here!'


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