Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Move is Over!!

The move is finally over, and we're putting our stuff away!  Today was the day to empty the totes and carts in preparation for the movers to come and pick them up.  I have a whopper of a bruise on my left knee area, and a smaller one on my wrist..

Bruise, also called a contusion, a type of relatively minor hematoma of tissue[1] in which capillaries and sometimes venules are damaged by trauma, allowing blood to seep into the surrounding interstitial tissues.

A bruise is a common skin injury that results in breakage of blood vessels under the skin. Blood from damaged blood vessels beneath the skin collects near the surface of the skin resulting in what we recognize as a black and blue mark.  The shades of color of a bruise are red/blue when it's fresh, turning blue/black/purple after a day or two, then going to greenish-yellow and finally fading away.

I should try to coordinate my outfits with the color of the bruises I got while moving stuff in our office.  Or maybe that's a little crazy! 

Our new office is much bigger than the old one, well at least it's wider and longer.  We were on three floors before, and now we're on one, so it would stand to reason that it looks bigger.  The acres of space between me and, say, the ladies room, is huge!  So my feet are feeling the effects.  Anyone know a good foot massage technique??

And all the bending and stretching!  I washed down about 75% of the work surfaces and shelves and conference tables on Saturday.  Oh, my aching back!!

But things are getting there.  Today when I left the office I didn't feel that my cubicle was in any way horrible or disgusting looking.  :-)  It's starting to feel less like a storage space and more like a work station.  Progress indeed!

Now I only hope I can get motivated to work on some of my sewing projects this weekend.  I have to finish the bargello from hell

and get back to the Phone Guy's Wife blocks

Happy sewing (I hope!!)

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