Thursday, May 31, 2012

'Tis the Season -- for Graduations!

Last week the preschoolers in the four year old class where my youngest grand went to school had a graduation ceremony.  These are children who are attending a local private preschool affiliated with the church our family attends, so they'll be going off to kindergarten in other places next year.  The teachers wanted to make it a memorable occasion. 

And they did!

I had taken the day off work to attend.  The two classes marched into the sanctuary of the church in lines, to a recording of Pomp and Circumstance, just like you're supposed to at a graduation.  They had risers set up, and there was more than one set of eyes filling up and more than one throat with a lump in it when they entered. 

They had made mortarboard hats with those Styrofoam plastic bowls and some kind of square cardboard, and each little graduate had a red tassel hanging from the center.

The Graduates!
There were songs instead of a commencement address.  There were no valedictorians.  But there was an actual reading of names and each graduate got a certificate of completion.  They moved their tassel from whatever side it was hanging on to the 'other side' and shook hands with their teacher.  There was not a dry eye in the house when they were done.

Then the winners of the Q is for Quilt raffle were announced.  A's best friend won the quilt that I made for the other class, and a girl in her class won the one that "Andy's mom" made for A's class.

Of course we had cake!  And punch and lemonade. 

This week E graduates from elementary school.  Next year it's on to Middle School.

Congratulations, ladies!  Good job.

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