Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sow Along Catch Up May

Time for a little catch-up on my Sow Along.  Some of you like my one color blocks.  I have to say I'm liking the other blocks I've seen.  Bonnie Hunter's plaids are great.  I hope some day we can all link up at Bonnie's blog and show off our blocks to each other. 

I started with the basket I made too small.  This one has different fabrics in it, but this time it came out to the proper six and a half inches!

  You can see this one is larger by half an inch!

This one was pretty but too small!!  Oh well..

Next I worked on a block I've seen in a couple of places, called the Evening Star.  It has a dark background and light points.  I was fascinated by the 2 inch by 3 1/2 inch flying goose block.  As in, can I make one that small accurately?  I made the eight required and when I squared them up I only had to shave a little off each one.  For some reason my sewing does not provide a rectangular goose -- I seem to get one that gets a little wider where the point is in the center of the block.  I wonder if I'm stretching those bias seems a little.

I apologize for the fuzzy photo.  This is from my cell phone.

Finished size 4 1/2 inches...
I also made a Shoo Fly block.  Well, actually I made two.  Follow the directions!! I didn't and made a perfectly adorable Shoo Fly with 2 inch blocks instead of 2 inch (finished) blocks.  This little fly finishes up at just four and a half inches!  And here's her larger brother, too.

Finished size six inches!

After the fun I had with Shoo Fly, you'd think I would have stopped for the evening, but I made one more.  It's called maple leaf.  I've seen it done in glorious fall colors, and it's always so impressive.  But our maple in the back yard is full of green leaves right now, so here it is in green plaid with kind of a fussy background. 

Maple Leaf in summer

I think I have made at least 32 different blocks, but I have to count because I think I have more than 30 six inch blocks, plus some others of various sizes.  LOL!!  Hope you enjoyed looking at these blocks as much as I've enjoyed making them.

Keep on stitching!

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