Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bargello Redux

This weekend I worked on two projects:
  • Twisted Bargello
  • A's project 'blankee'
So which one got more time, do you think?  I'd say it was about even!

These are chumks of the twisted bargello... other pieces go between some of these sections, that's why it looks choppy.
I'm behind everyone (except Meta & Sharon, I think.)  I got desparate for some progress so I sewed some of the adjuoining strips together.  This necessitated re-pressing some of the seams in the opposite direction from where I originally pressed.  And there are a LOT of seams in each strip!

But it's starting to take shape.  After helping with a couple of these I feel pretty confident that I can actually get it sewn up into a top before the end of the summer...

By the way, I also finished the LLA preschool quilt.  Susie Banks quilted and bound it.  We are an awesome team.  It's ready for auction, so the teachers can expect a special delivery today when DH drops A off for school.  Here's a peak.

The hand prints are in alphabetical order.  I love the one leftie... Miss A is not in this class.  I'm looking forward to seeing what Andy's mom came up with for her class.

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