Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quilting With Friends

I'm at a quilt retreat this weekend, and I have to say that the most fun I've ever had sewing has been with these ladies!  They are part of our Friday night sewing group, my friends as well as my relatives. 

The view while you're eating breakfast.

My favorite thing to do is sew, and my second favorite thing to do is visit with friends, so you can imagine how happy I am to be doing both at the same time.  Oh, and my philosophy about strangers is that they are just friends you haven't met yet.

We're going to spend some time working on one project or another from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon.  We'll also spend some time visiting some cousins who live in in the town we're in, whom we don't get to see a lot.  But when we're here, we make a point of visiting, eating and laughing and talking.  My cousin's youngest daughter will be getting married this spring so I'm sure the conversation will be lively!

Another cousin is a relatively 'new' sewist, what we call in Sewing Guild an older beginner.  I promised to sit  near her and make sure she has all the help she needs to do a finished project. 

Two aunties will be along this time.  One doesn't sew.  Well, she says she doesn't sew although she knows how, but she does beautiful redwork embroidery by hand and that counts.  But she's a great 'ironer'... and when we get together, that's her task, ironing pieces for other sewists.  (I can say the word 'sewer' but when you type it, it looks so much like the word for the plumbing refuse system that I resist!!)

Wherever you are this weekend, I hope you're with people you love, or people you really like a lot, and you're doing something fun together.

Sew long for now!

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