Friday, January 6, 2012

Where's my camera??

OK, now that I'm getting the hang of this blog stuff, I want to start adding some photos to my posts. 

Like this.

or maybe something else.

Like a picture of one of my projects or something.  BUT I can't seem to get the photos in my iPhone to go to my computer, and I can't find my real camera!  Sad, but true... technology seems to be wagging its finger at me recently. 

I have five voicemails on my phone, but what I thought was my password to voicemail evidently isn't my password.  I have instructions to fix that.  Hopefully I'll get that done soon.  Then I can work on getting the phone to communicate with my email account.  But on the bright side, I do know how to text. 

The camera is another story.  It takes lovely pictures, and I have the uploading process to the computer down pat.  But I put it somewhere before the holidays.  I did that because I was tired of uploading pictures only to find that 60% of them were of toys or the four-year-old's bare feet or a bug on the sidewalk.  Yes, I know they can be deleted and they don't cost anything to save, but seriously, she's a mad photographer when she gets started!!  I have a picture of a bowl of Bugles.  Yep, the snack food.  And plastic dinosaurs and stuffed dogs.  Cute but not desirable for blogging purposes.

So hopefully this weekend I can find the camera and start showing off some of my projects.

Stay tuned!

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