Thursday, January 19, 2012

Great Jeans Idea!

Anyone who's reading this absolutely has to pop over to Rita Farro's blog today and read about a quick jeans repair.  This is one of those things that you see and say "WHY didn't I think of that?"  It's so simple it's beautiful and I have to share it!

You know the reason your teenager's jeans or your kid's jeans or your OWN jeans get all raggedy at the bottom is because they wear them so long they're over their shoes and the bottoms drag on the ground.  To someone like me who had an actual DRESS CODE in high school and could not wear them just anywhere, this is appalling!  I understand why it happens, just like I understand why it's OK if linen gets wrinkled when you wear it.  But LIKE it, no.

Mind you some of the folks wearing these raggedy jeans like the way they look.  It's a fashion statement, like pierced ears.  Or pierced noses.  So you wont' get everyone to buy into this method of prolonging the life of your pants.  But I am sure that some will.  Husbands, for example.  And it's so simple that even if you don't sew (gasp!!) you can probably find someone who does who will do this for you.

I myself have never worn pants that were long enough to drag over my shoes.  I WISH I could find pants just that length!  Being height-challenged (I claim 5' 2" but I'm actually a little shy of the 2") almost every pair of  pants or jeans I've ever bought has had to be cut off by at least 3-4 inches.  I bought a really nice pair of capris pants last spring.  They were just a tad short of my normal inseam so even they had to be hemmed.

My daughter is about 3 inches taller than I am.  My son and daughter-in-law are both around 6 feet tall.  Even the oldest grand is nearly as tall as I am and she's in grade school.   I think the good Lord intended some of us to stay close to the ground, that's why we're short.  I don't climb too many ladders and I never liked the top bunk anywhere.  So my pants always need to be cut off.  DIL says I should save those bottoms to sew on her pants!! 

So jump over to the far right column, find Rita's Sew Fun Blog, and see the quick fix.  You can tell her I sent you.

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