Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Missing Marty

This Christmas my dear daughter gave me a lovely diary for 2012.  She gave me a desk calendar last year, I thought this one was the same thing -- weekly calendar with space for appointments and occasions, you know the type.  When I looked at it again later, I realized there are two pages per week; one for appointments and the other for entries in diary form.  I tried writing a diary some years ago, but wasn't very consistent.

Blogging seems like the same thing to me.  Some folks seem to live on their computers, checking email or blogs regularly, not letting a day go by without posting. Then there are folks who don't update unless something BIG happens to them. The same seems to be the case with Facebook and other social media.  I think I start out in the first group, and gradually end up in the second.  For example, this week, since I'm on vacation and not checking emails at my office, I'm not checking at home either.  I did check today... good thing too, because I had over 100 unread emails (about 95% of them were from merchants advertising after Christmas sales).

I follow many blogs related to sewing and crafts.  I love Rita Farro's blog and Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing, and Quiltville from Bonnie Hunt.  Samina at American Sewing Guild has a blog, as does Nancy Zieman.  From the links on these blogs I've branched out to the French General and The Warp and the Weft.  I've discovered that many of these folks blog daily, some blog several times a week, and a couple are what I will call 'irregulars'. 

It's disappointing when someone just stops blogging for a long while.  I was reading and enjoying Marty Sews, a blog by a fellow ASG'er, when she just stopped.  Her last blog was in August of 2011.  I miss her.  From some of her prior posts,  I understand that there were some health issues with both herself and her husband.  I hope everything's OK with Marty.  I wish there was a way to know!

That's part of the problem with going from diary to blog.  If you miss writing in your diary, no one knows but you and the person who has to clean out your papers after you go to the Big Blogosphere in the Sky.  But if you quit blogging, your followers have no idea whether you're very ill, never coming back, or just vacationing in the South of France!

Well, I guess you have to actually have followers for this to be the case.

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